Huali 30th Anniversary Celebration
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On 2013, December 28th, before 2014 New Year’s Day arrived, Huali staff congregated here ceremoniously to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Changzhou Huali Hydraulic Lubrication Equipment Co.,Ltd with an unparalleled excitment and joy, looking back for Huali’s 30 years that the road was full of wind and rain vicissitudes, and creating Huali’s century-old heritage.
Thirty years of trials and hardships, thirty years of pursuit. Changzhou Huali has been the leader of the hydraulic and lubrication field in China at present from small to large and from weak to strong, and owns world-famous market position. We establish a new pattern of depth cooperation with domestic and overseas first grade enterprises such as General Electric Company, Siemens, Man, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Shaangu Power Group etc., and create a remarkable performance of over 400 million annual sales revenue. Today Huali staff witness thirty-year brilliant performance.
We specially invited the related leaders, friendly companies leaders that concern and support Huali’s development for a long time and sincerely cooperated social public friends.
We get a brilliant performance during 30 years through our innovation, pioneering efforts and through exploring the market. All the performances are hard-earned, cherished and encouraged. It coacervates all staff’s wisdom and sweat, and also depends on the correct leadship of the management especially Huali’s President Cheng Hongyu. During the celebration, President Cheng Hongyu highly summarized three creative leap-forwards of Changzhou Huali, enumerated Huali’s achieved progress for thirty years and described the development plan in future. Herein the staff were inspired and encouraged.
During 30 years, it carries numerous honours and dreams of Huali’s staff. Changzhou Huali composes the history of “fighting spirit and never give up”. The history gives staff confidence and strength to move on. Thirty-year is just a small stage for Changzhou Huali’s development, century enterprise is our target.
“The strong pass of the enemy is like a wall of iron, yet with firm strides we are conquring its summit.” Today, right place, right time, Huali staff stand at a new starting point, new journey and new opportunity. We will take challenges with our confidence and create brilliant achievements with our wisdom. We work together and make arduous efforts for creating a respected and praised century Huali.  


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