Manufacturing Capacity

The south boundary is constructed with steel structure with a building area of 11448㎡. The traveling cranes are double deck designed, among which six sets are operated in the steering room, there are three 50T/16T traveling cranes, two 32T/10T traveling cranes, and one 20T/5T traveling cranes, seven sets 10T traveling cranes are operated on the ground with a maximum lifting height of 13.7m.

The north boundary has a building area of 16866㎡. There are one set 32T/10T traveling crane operated in the steering room, five sets 20T/5T traveling cranes, 11 sets 10T traveling cranes, 14 sets 5T traveling cranes operated on the ground with a maximum lifting height of 9.1m.
We have 383 sets equipment of various types.

There are: 32 sets of test and inspection equipments, 129 sets of welding equipments, and over 70 sets of processing lathe equipments. We have the most preponderant large-scale numerically-controlled floor boring and milling machine and gantry milling and boring machine in this district, and the maximum carrying capacity of the worktable is 60T; the maximum processing diameter of double-column vertical lathe and single-column vertical lathe is 6.3m,and the working height of them is up to 3.8m. There are also horizontal boring and milling machine of all kinds, and the maximum processing length of horizontal lathe is as long as 10m, bending machine of all kinds, the thickness of the plate they can process is 50mm, and there are two large-scale paint spray booth with a area of 24m×12m. The above equipments of all kinds can meet the welding process of large-scale structured products of all kinds.

With more than 20 years’ development, the company’s hydraulic and lubrication system, every kind of steel structure skid, the electrical control cabinet and other accessory products have been standardized and serialized. Our products have covered the metallurgy, petrochemical industry, power supply industry, building material industry and light industry, mining and other industries. The company cooperated with the Beijing Science and Technology University, Southeast University, Xi'an Traffic University and other colleges , and it also established a solid technological exchanges and cooperation with dozens of heavy machinery National Design Institute and institutes such an steel Maanshan Iron and Steel Design Institute, Wuhan Iron and Steel Design and Research Institute, Nanjing Design Institute of cement, building materials Industry Design and Research Institute of Chengdu, Luoyang Petrochemical Design Institute, Xi’an Heavy Machine Institute . Our customers cover 29 areas of China, including provinces, cities and autonomous regions. The state petrochemical companies of large and medium-sized iron and steel group such as Baoshan Iron and Steel, Anshan, JISCO, Tangshan Steel, Maanshan Steel and Qilu Petrochemical, Daqing Petrochemical, Dalian Petrochemical Jilin Petrochemical, among other things, cooperated with our company for long-term projects. Furthermore, we have developed the cooperation with those muticountry enterprise in Brazil, Japan, Singapore, South Asia, Middle East and Africa region. Especially those in U.S. Germany, Italy, Japan, we have cooperated with thsoe well-known enterprises, such as the GE ,SIEMENS ,MAN Turbo, SMS, Danieli, Morgan, DENISON and Mitsubishi have cooperation projects with us.

By the request of the modern enterprise system and market situation, we continuously improvement and pursue perfect efficient system, aiming at the high starting point, high standard, and high-efficiency goals to make our company to be the manufacture center of excellent hydraulic and lubricating equipment of China, and the machining center of large-scale structure.

We endeavor to perfect the technology, we strive to exceed customers’ expectations We will return our customers with excellent products and satisfying service by practicing Huali sprit: “Diligence, Curiousness, Duty, Innovation”.


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Manufacturing Capacity

The south boundary is constructed with steel structure with a ...


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