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The company has firmly attached importance to the introduction of scientific and technological personnel and the strengthening of the cultivation for scientific and technological talents. The introduction of the leading high-tech talent has been made a strong push forward the innovation and development. We also try to strengthen the cultivation of young technicians and engineers, encourage them join into the shopfloor activity, such as production workshop, technical departments, innovation and development, etc., and let them practiced and trained in the productive practices, technical work, innovation and development activity. These activities ensure the companies to form a strong technical team to improve the overall technical performance of the company.

In light of the potential demand of the product development, we have developed five pieces of design software independently:

1. Specialist system of computer aided tool of hydraulic equipments and lube oil system: the specified selection design of the components and parts is a significant work during the product design, artificial computation calls for more design experiments, the efficiency is not so good as expection. When we introduce the specialist system into this work, results can be obtained in only several seconds after inputting the relevant data, the working efficiency have been improved greatly, and it also ensure the implementation of the regulations, make the “error-free” design come true.

2. The development of the 3D parameter database of hydraulic equipments and thin oil system: put forward and popularize the concept of “modularization design”, that has been made for a independent module with the components and parts after “packing”, make up products with these modules by the way of “building blocks”. This is in favor of the standardization and seriation of the components and parts, and provides convenience for the modification design..

3. Three dimension model building module of the hydraulic valve block: hydraulic valve block is the core component of the hydraulic equipment. The structure of the hydraulic valve block is very complex; the internal orifices are crisscrossing, it is as fine as a spider’s web. This software has three functions, such as, automatic 3D model, dimension driven, and visualization. That means it can display the orifice structure inside the valve block clearly, as a result, it improved the working quality and the efficiency.
4. Analysis techniques of finite element: it can ascertain the product structure and the material selection directly in the product design, ensure the mechanical property requirements, which includes the rigidity and strength with the required load of the products, this can avoid the duplicate design, trial-production and as a result, the design quality will be ensured, the efficiency will be improved, and the cost of enterprise has be saved, make the actual pioneering work of analysis techniques of finite element realized on the PC of enterprise.

5. The characteristics bank and sheet metal parts bank of hydraulic equipment and lube oil system: during the application of the 3D software in design, the application of the characteristics bank can build the parts and small assembly parts quickly and conveniently, and make them up to general assembly. This avoids the artificial error in the process of drawing sketch, counting, and lofting etc.

The development and application of the above mentioned software have obviously improved the design quality and efficiency, as well as the standardization level of enterprise; it also exemplified the scientific and technological strength of our company.



R & D

The company has firmly attached importance to the introduction of ...

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