Management Simmering and Verda New Manufacture
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On April 19, 2011, Changzhou. In the season of spring blossoms and rebirth, in this beautiful land, she witness the grand opening of the Management Simmering and Verda New Manufacture--2011’ Jiangsu Manufacturing Informatization Management Summit. Almost 500 executives of manufacturing enterprise in Yangtze River Delta area, along with related experts and leaders of government agencies attended this summit, discussing the best way for Chinese manufacturing enterprise to transition and promotion.

The summit is sponsored by UFIDA Software Co., Ltd and cooperated by Changzhou Electronic Society, Changzhou Industrial Engineering Society, Changzhou Textile Engineering Society, Changzhou Medicine Institute, Changzhou Unclear Power Equipment Manufacturing Industry Associate. In the meantime, it gets the full support from Jiangsu Economy and Informatization Commission, Changzhou Economy and Informatization Commission, Changzhou Association for Science and Technology and units concerned. The directors, experts and company administrators such as the Division Head of Enterprises Informatization of Jiangsu Province Economy and Information Commission, Mr. Wu Zhaoming; the Senior Vice President of UFIDA Software Company, Mr. Xiang Qihan, the General Manager in Jiangsu area of UFIDA Software Company’s Vice President, Mr. Yang Xiaobo; the General Manager of Changzhou Huali Hydraulic Lubrication Equipment Co.,Ltd, Mr. Cheng Yong; the Executive Vice President of Jiangsu Kuangda Group  Miss. Wang Beiyin, the Vice President of Jiangsu Swan woolen Cloth Group, Miss Tang Yingxia; Suzhou Junying Precision Machine CFO/CIO, Mr. Wu Qianyuan; the Director in No.14 Research Institution Information Centre of CETC, Mr. Wang Xiaofei; the technical center director of Nanjtng LuZhou Envtromnent Protection Equipment Engineering Co.Ltd; the ERP project manager of Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemi&Chemicals Co., Ltd, Mr. WU Xubin, have taken part in this summit meeting and made excellent speeches.
Till now, the economic aggregate of manufacture industry in China has basically been at the same level with the USA, including the quantity of the enterprises, employees, product categories, products and output quantities that occupy the largest part in the world. Manufacture industry is the core pillar industry of the domestic economy. In 2011, China’s manufacture industry has entered into the third ten-year-development period and ushered in a best development opportunity in the history. How can the manufacture industries in China make transition and achieve great success in the ten years?
In the meeting, the Division Head of Enterprises Informatization of Jiangsu Province Economy and Information Commission, Mr. Wu Zhaoming indicates that: in recent years, the speed of Jiangsu Manufacturing Development is very fast, however with the development of the enterprise scale, the management problem we face is highlighting as well. UFIDA, which has specialized in supporting the transition and development of the manufacture industry with Informatization, has come up with green manufacture, i.e. hope the manufacture enterprises make research of their own enterprises and change the simple and boring operation methods into humanistic, flexible methods which can promote the development of the companies, and construct the happy manufacture companies that are creative, green and with high efficiency.
China is a big manufacturing country. Chinese characteristic manufacturing industry needs the world-class management of Chinese Model. Jiangsu Happy Enterprise Club is grandly founded with the happy music being played. The Division Head of Enterprises Informatization of Jiangsu Province Economy and Information Commission, Mr. Wu Zhaoming, the deputy head of Changzhou City Economy and Information Commission, Mr. Lin Xingxin, and the Senior Vice President of UFIDA Software Company, Mr. Xiang Qihan start the happy crystal ball of Jiangsu Happy Enterprise Club. All honored guests that attended the meeting witness the happy moment together.
On the afternoon of that day, the meeting is divided into four parallel sessions: Discrete Manufacturing Industry, Chemical Medicine Industry, Equipment Manufacturing Industry, and Wire Cable Industry. It fully shows the highlight and superiority of information solutions of UFIDA Software Company in different industries. The clients attended the meeting also realize the successful application of making more enterprise informatization.
Jiangsu Manufacturing Informatization Management Summit end completely. This successful hold of the summit marks that Jiangsu Manufacturing Enterprises using informatizaton towards the movement of Green Manufacturing and Happy Enterprises has played comprehensively.


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