GE Came to Huali to Make DMP Project Training
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On the afternoon of March 8, GE team and Huali team got together to discuss the DMP project. The aim of the whole project is minimizing the cost of design, purchase, production, packaging and transportation, starting from the perspective of direct materials. The Italian purchasing manager of direct materials, Mr. Luca, first generally introduced their training items. Then the engineering design director Maffulli talked about how to propose constructive proposals and put them into action. And he also used some examples to inspire everyone that from which part we can come up with the DMP thinking which can reduce the cost. As the representative of Huali team, Mr. Cheng Yong, the CEO, suggested some aspects from which the cost of GE can be reduced, such as the promotion of localization, GE offers the negotiated prices of imported parts, packaging simplification, promote the process of the standard oil console, bulk purchasing, GE purchasing team gives Huali more time on the execution of contract and so on.
The following day, GE team and Huali team focused on the 5 point about DMP cost reduction methods which were proposed by Mr. Cheng Yong, the general manager. After one and a half days’ DMP project training, Huali has the further understanding of the GE specification. And Huali and GE will accomplish this milestone project on cost reduction all together in the future. And Huali will devote our attention to optimize the configuration and improve the production efficiency to make us more competitive and become the leadership of excellent oil station as soon as possible.


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