Skill Test of Workshop Staff
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With more and more project co-operations with global multinational companies, we pay more attention to the skill improvement of the workers at the production line in the workshop when we develop the management team. Only providing customers with first-rate products and services can our make our company establishes itself in invincible position in market competition. Our company supervises workers to constantly improve the theoretical and operation level of their skills through skill level test, and improve the wages of the key staff through the skill subsides, which promote every worker passion of learning.
227 staff attended this skill examination, involving every kinds of work in the production: welder, assembler, lathe operator, drilling machine operator, boring machine operator, milling machine operator, bench worker, sheet metal worker, wiring worker, CNC cutting operator, manual cutting operator, painter, planning machine operator, totally 13 types. Each type can be divided into three grades: level 4, level 5 and level 6. In order to help the workers learn skill knowledge well, Changzhou Railway Higher vocational school was invited to give a question bank for each work type’s each grade, which contains the relevant level’s knowledge that workers should know and master. This question bank makes the workers focus on the important points and improve their learning efficiency. On the eve of examination, our company asked the teachers to provide the pre-exam training to workers of each type of jobs. Our aim is not the examination itself, but that through this exam, the workers can find their deficiencies and improve their skills through learning.
This skill examination was already started in September. The theoretical examination was completed, and the operation examination is underway batch by batch. We will provide fair and just environment to let every examinee show their actual level. After the test, I hope every staff can treat the results correctly, no matter good or bad , everyone should keep the attitude of learning and improve their skill step by step—— Work and learn.


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