Keep Pace with Market and Learn Advanced Technology
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Keep Pace with Market and Learn Advanced Technology

Technology department continued to learn API614 on March 22. Engineer Mr. Bao Yuchun explained API614 in the matter of concern and how to solve the problems for designing and manufacturing oil stations. 
API614 is the standard of American Petroleum Institute “Lubrication, Shaft-Sealing, and Control-Oil Systems and Auxiliaries for Petroleum, Chemical and Gas Industry Services”. Our company started to know this standard through the series of oil stations for Shaanxi Blower. Now more and more customers asked us to design and manufacture oil stations according to the standard such as Shaanxi Blower, Shenyang Yuanda, MAN and so on. Some of the requirements of the standard are higher than China’s machinery standard JB/T10465-2004, so API614 has become leading standard in line of Petroleum Chemical Industry Oil Lubrication. 
Through the study, participants learned about some of design specification of API614, such as pipe wall thickness of the standard pipeline are mandatory, not to replace the conventional tube wall thickness; threaded connections can not use the tape; asbestos gasket material may not be used ; all piping must be deflated standard accessories, drain valve. The training also requires the responsible person of manufacture department to be present.
With the development of the world and increasing requirement of customer, we must closely follow the market pace and learn advanced technology. In a word, only improving the quality of our products can make us invincible.



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