General manager Chen Yong visited heavy machine workshop
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General manager Chen Yong visited heavy machine workshop
Accompanied by directors of factory office, quality supervision department, technical center, our general manager Chen Yong visited heavy machine workshop on January 22nd and inspected carefully to 5S on-site management. Our branch manager Wang Hongjiao and workshop supervisor Wang Pingnan also attended the inspection.
Inspection team checked the hydraulic station and iron scrap box on CNC Milling Machine, and conducted the placing of bench work pieces, stacking and usage of components in assembly department. They also listened to the“5S Management” report from branch manager Wang Hongjiao.
Since early 2009, under the guidance of different department leaders, our company implemented the “5S management” idea for workshop and “leadership responsibility” for leading departments. And effectiveness were started showing, such as, clean and tidy workshop, standard operation in processing, trimly-dressed staff, regular management on operation tools, and unified safety signs. Due to the standard management, the operation risk was controlled effectively, and no single accident was occurred. During the last year, the heavy machine workshop stuck to the “5S” rules and focused on orderly production and management. Consequently, employees’ accountability was significantly enhanced, execution was remarkably improved, company image was fostered positively, and a solid foundation was laid for the development of our company.
General Manager highly praised the development of heavy machine workshop and the “5S management”. He said the workshop environment has changed greatly, neither a piece of screw nor a dog-end is dropped on the floor, all tools are displayed in order, all equipments are clean, and any overlooked corners are neat now. Not only is the working environment improved, but also raise the quality level and service. The “5S management” is the basis when conducting operations, and can reduce waste and improve efficiency. Manager also mentioned that the implement of “5S management” has a long way to go, and we have to combine it with the workshop situation, and we shall trust it and give its potential full play, as to leaders, they should have the spirit of persistence, and strive to make higher achievements.


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