MIH Project Has Successfully Passed the Test on April 6th
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MIH Project Has Successfully Passed the Test on April 6th

The Oil Station branch company had started the Mitsubishi (hereinafter referred to as MHI) On March 1st, 2010 and finished on April 4th, 2010. During this period of one month and ten days, the assembly shop suffered a great pressure to finish this project.
The second assembly had be basically completed till March 22nd, and we started the debugging at about 10 p.m. on March 25. However, the person in charge of MHI denied our testing method on the second day of the debugging, and asked us to add the accumulator and valves, etc. and finish this change within 2 days. After the operators’ hard working, we satisfied MHI’s requirements on March 9th and started the debugging again. For the time limitation and high cleanness requirement, the debugging should be the 24-hour without a break, so that the operators needed to work with the equipment and work overtime, even overnight working. The QC manager of the branch company, Mr. Xu Lifeng, also did the overnight testing for the debugging. The debugging requirement changed when the person in charge changed, and this caused the difficulties to the operators. But the operators gave up the national holiday of Tomb-sweeping Day and solved every difficulty to finish their job. The operators finished the debugging and flushing of the two oil stations on April 5th under the high –strength working environment. We successfully passed the inspection of the MHI’s person in charge on April 6th.
Certainly, satisfactory completion of the whole project on April 10th was also because of the co-operation from other shops and departments. We have reasonable ground to believe that our team can efficiently complete the job, which is assigned by our company, with high quality and gain the trust and reputation from our customers and devote to the fast development of Huali.


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