New Product Developing Department Had Successfully Developed
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New Product Developing Department Had Successfully Developed the 3MW Technology of Vane Reversal Module, and the Order Had Already Been Placed by Our Customer
With the leader of new product developing department, Mr. Hu Kaiping, and all staff’s hard working, we have successfully developed the 3MW technology of vane reversal module and the order had already been placed by our customer.
Following the fast development of the wind power industry, the generated power has developed to the mass production from 850KW to 1MW, 1.5MW, 2MW, 2.5MW, even the 3MW and 5WM Vane are in the propulsion and trial-produce stage. The length of the vane is extended from 18-40m to 45.3m, 48.8m, 52m, and 55m. The module’s length is longer than the vane’s, so that the weight reaches to dozens of tons. The overturning moment during the reversal is nearly two hundred tons per meter, and the turning radius reaches to 3-8m. For the parameters are very large, it provides good footnote for the urgency and indispensible of the application of this patented product.
For the parameters are very large, this 3MW vane reversal module is obviously different from the traditional ones (2MW or 1.5MW). Both the hydraulic system and the electric control system had made great improvement. The working performance has been greatly enhanced. We have overcome those problems, such as the inadequate turning force and non-synchronous turning occurred during the condition of module’s large power, heavy load and long length.
After we have overcome the technical difficulties, we come to the practice stage. We hope that with the effort of all staff, the 3MW vane reversal module can achieve the success.


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